2020: French Hill & Steve Womack Still Hate Gay People, Why?

Many people have moved on from stale old debates, but French Hill is still stubbornly committed to denying rights for gay people. 

Maybe this is the year that our Congressmen will finally support equality and basic rights for all people — even for people who are part of the LGBTQ community. In Arkansas you can still be fired, denied housing or be evicted, or denied access to public accommodations based on gender identity and sexual orientation.

That’s the way French Hill and Steve Womack want it.

They want LGBTQ people to be silent and hidden, and to be denied basic rights. But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

We can elect Democrats who value people, who want people to be safe and prosperous. 

In May 2019, Republican Congressmen Rick Crawford (AR-1), French Hill (AR-2), and Steve Womack (AR-3) voted against H.R. 5 – The Equality Act (Rep. Bruce Westerman did not vote).

Unlike the bills these congressmen often sponsor, the Equality Act is as straightforward as the title would suggest. It’s goal is simple and moral: to stop discrimination.

Of course this goal is tough and this bill won’t stop all forms of hated or prejudice, but that’s not a reason to vote against it, right? This bill rectifies a wrong here in Arkansas (as well as 28 other states). It even stops the ability for employers to fire you because you are pregnant or having a child.

Our congressmen say their opposition is based on “religious liberty.” Even they know that’s not true, they’re using religion and deeply held beliefs to divide families and the nation, and are holding open the door to discrimination.

Maybe this year, our congressmen will learn to love — or at least let other people. Maybe this year, they will actually read the Bible and not just use their religion to hide their hateful votes.

We can wait for an epiphany to bring change to these entrenched, hateful beliefs or we can work NOW to throw them out of office.