A Black History Month Note From Party Chair Grant Tennille

The history of Black Americans is the history of America. Democrats stand united in celebration of the triumphs, and in recognition of the tragedies, that are equally part of the history of Black America. So it is not surprising that this year Arkansas finds itself face to face with some stark realities.

The work of delivering equality under the law for every American continues, but so, too, does the work of banishing bigotry and hatred from American life. We’re still seeing threats that feel all too familiar. This morning’s bomb threats against America’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities, including Philander Smith College and Arkansas Baptist College here in Arkansas, are an unsurprising reminder that this work must continue.

Make no mistake, this is a consequence of the increasingly hostile and polarized society we’re being served up by those who wish to erase our history, to prevent its teaching, and to rob us of our path to becoming a more perfect union, full of beloved communities.

This Black History Month, this Democratic Party of Arkansas is recommitting itself to celebrating, elevating, and uplifting people across this state. Arkansas has a proud history of brave individuals and entire communities standing tall against those who seek to dismiss, reduce, and minimize the contributions, dignity, and worth of the Black experience in America.

We’re looking forward to the great events and programs being put on across the state by legions of volunteers, educators, advocates, elected officials, and public servants. Together, we are building the future Arkansas and our families deserve.

So as we commence Black History Month 2022, let’s do so with eyes open to the truth of our story and hearts strong enough to write a new and better chapter of America’s history.