A Fresh Conversation With U.S. Senate Candidate Josh Mahony

Arkansas has a great U.S. Senate candidate ready to defeat Tom Cotton. Josh Mahony is already busy on the campaign trail all across Arkansas. Take a listen to our podcast to hear why Josh is running and how we can defeat Cotton.

Josh talks about growing up in a farm family in Union County, and how this shaped his career and political views. He now lives in northwest Arkansas and is the head of his own natural resources company. Josh is heavily involved with several nonprofits, including the Ozark Literacy Council and the Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund.

These experiences give Josh the kind of vision that Arkansas is sorely lacking in Washington.

Mahony is already making waves, as we head closer the 2020 U.S. Senate election.

“I’m going to beat Tom Cotton, and I’m going to look out for the people of this state; not sell them out the second I get inside the beltway,” Mahony said. Mahony also said he was “never going to put Mitch McConnell over Maumelle like Tom Cotton has.” In a tweet thread, Mahony said he was angry that “18,000 people in my state have lost their health insurance” and that “thousands more are being threatened by people like Tom Cotton who don’t give a damn if people live or die.”