Democrats in Arkansas Have A Simple Message for Governor Sanders’s Voucher Scheme: “No, Thank You”

Democratic Leader Reminds Governor We Have Legislation to Raise Teacher Pay Right Now LITTLE ROCK – Democratic Party of Arkansas Chair Grant Tennille released the following statement after Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders unveiled her barebones poster, not even a bill, overhauling the education system in Arkansas: “We continue to be disappointed, but not surprised that Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders isn’t … Read More

BREAKING: Democrats File Bill to Raise Starting Teacher Pay to $50,000 and to raise classified school staff pay to $15/hour

LITTLE ROCK – Arkansas Senate and House Democrats introduced the Raising Arkansas’s Investment in Schools and Educators (RAISE) Act of 2023. The bill would raise Arkansas’s worst-in-the-South starting salaries for teachers from $36,000 to $50,000 and includes a $10,000 raise for every public school teacher in Arkansas. Democrats also filed a companion bill that would raise the minimum staff pay … Read More

Senate Bill 43 will not create a better Arkansas.

The Democratic Party of Arkansas released the following statement about Senate Bill 43, which passed out of the Senate City, County, and Local Committee Affairs Committee today. SB43 is a proposed piece of legislation that would classify drag shows, where a performer sometimes (but not always) dons the exaggerated attire of another gender, as adult entertainment on par with strip … Read More

Arkansas Senate and House Minority Leaders Announce Legislative Goals and Respond to Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s Inaugural Addresses

“We couldn’t ignore the difference in tone between the Governor’s two speeches yesterday. We’re ready to work with her—but we want to know which governor will come to the table to talk.” LITTLE ROCK — On Wednesday morning, Senate Minority Leader Greg Leding (State Senate, District 30 – Fayetteville) and House Minority Leader Tippi McCullough (State House, District 70 – … Read More

First Woman Gov. Sarah Sanders is an undeniable milestone & bittersweet for many

LITTLE ROCK — The Democratic Party of Arkansas released the following statement after Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s inaugural address: Congratulations to Sarah Huckabee Sanders on becoming the first female Governor in Arkansas history. No one can deny that electing the first woman to serve as Governor is a proud milestone. This moment is bittersweet for many women as Governor Sanders’s party denies women … Read More

Democratic Lawmakers Put Forth Plan to Invest in Arkansas

“We have the money. We have the plan. We definitely have the need.” Arkansas House and Senate Democrats held a press conference Wednesday, August 10 at the state Capitol, highlighting the RAISE Act for increasing teacher pay and other proposals that should have been taken up in the current extraordinary session, rather than tax cuts for corporations and highest earners.  … Read More