Susan Inman Gets It. That’s Why She Backs Vote-By-Mail for Arkansas.

LITTLE ROCK-Susan Inman, Democratic nominee for Secretary of State, is making waves in the media as of late. Her policy ideas and her ability to detail her experience have made her the clear choice heading into the November election. >>> Donate to Susan Inman for Secretary of State today.    On Sunday, she published on an opinion in the Arkansas … Read More

Hill Refuses to Denounce ‘Racist’ Mailers as VP Pence Visits Little Rock

LITTLE ROCK-Voters in Arkansas’s Second Congressional District have heard little from their current congressman, Representative French Hill. After repeatedly voting to repeal the ACA and its protections for pre-existing conditions, Rep. Hill has yet to have an in-person town hall during the 2018 campaign. In addition to ignoring his constituents, Rep. Hill has yet to denounce the vile mailers sent … Read More

Clarke Tucker Debates Issues While French Hill Attends Fundraisers

(from the Clarke Tucker for Congress website) LITTLE ROCK-Appearing in the KATV studio Wednesday with moderators Roby Brock of Talk Business and Politics and KATV anchor Chris May, Clarke Tucker came away from the evening with a dominant performance among invited candidates. From pre-existing conditions and health care coverage to national security and foreign policy, the topics were wide-ranging and … Read More

Jared Henderson Has a Plan for Health Care in Arkansas

LITTLE ROCK-Jared Henderson, Democratic candidate for governor, has released his plan to combat the rising costs of health care in Arkansas, citing the need to address the opioid epidemic and Asa Hutchinson’s punitive Medicaid internet requirement. “Arkansas’s leaders cannot continue to ignore the skyrocketing costs of health care,” Henderson said. “Too many people are one health tragedy away from not … Read More

Mike Lee ready to clean up the Capitol as AG

LITTLE ROCK – Today, Mike Lee, the Democratic nominee for Arkansas Attorney General, announced his ethics reform package. At his campaign office headquarters on Broadway Avenue in Little Rock, Lee promised to change the “culture of corruption” currently embroiling the state legislature. Lee pledged to honor the public’s trust by standing up to the “corrosive influences” and the “immorality” that … Read More

2018-2020 Draft Platform

Below is the final draft of the Draft Democratic Party of Arkansas Platform for 2018-2020. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about the platform, please email the Platform Committee at Draft Democratic Party of Arkansas Platform for 2018-2020

Chairman Gray Condemns Republican Silence and Misinformation on Immigration Policy

LITTLE ROCK — Representative Michael John Gray, Democratic Party of Arkansas Chairman, released this statement following Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen comments today in the White House Press Briefing.   “The silence from our congressional delegation, our governor, and our state Republican Party demonstrates their inability and their lack of desire to stand up to this administration. The crisis … Read More