New Congressional Maps Fail Legal Test: Drawn Based On Manipulating Racial Lines

LITTLE ROCK – The Arkansas Legislature has sent new congressional district maps to Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s desk that will certainly face swift legal action. The maps dissect Pulaski County into three different congressional districts based on the manipulation of boundaries along clear racial lines. State Sen. Joyce Elliott (Little Rock)  “Let’s state the obvious. The way these maps were drawn, by … Read More

Welcome Our New Chair Grant Tennille!

Arkansas Democrats just elected a new Chair of the Democratic Party of Arkansas! Grant Tennille headed the state’s economic development agency during former Governor Mike Beebe’s administration — now he’s at the helm of the DPA. During his time with Gov. Beebe, Tennille and his team helped secure the largest economic-development investment in the state’s history, Big River Steel. This … Read More

Full Blown COVID Meltdown At Legislature: Hijacked GOP Practicing Medicine

A faction of Republican lawmakers at the state Capitol are attempting to overrun a bipartisan coalition of Democrats, Republicans, and Governor Asa Hutchinson by stripping businesses of the right to follow public health guidance and jeopardizing state funds. To make matters worse, this specific Legislative session was supposed to be about Congressional redistricting not unrelated bills tethered to misinformation and conspiracies. The … Read More

Why Bruce Martin is an Everyday Arkansan

Meet Bruce Martin, an Arkansas Democrat from Stuttugart, Arkansas. “A lifelong Arkansan, I have seen what perceptions about race and class have done to limit opportunity for some and in the process limited us all. The diversity of geography is special to me.”

New Congressional Maps Being Drawn This Week!

The Arkansas Legislature is meeting this week to redraw the lines for the state’s four Congressional districts. These new boundaries will remain in place for ten years — so we need to make sure the lines are fair and that communities get the representation they deserve. No party of Arkansas should be marginalized or cast aside. Your voice matters! Watch … Read More

Meet our first Everyday Arkansan: Kristyn Clark

“Huntsville is a small, family-oriented agricultural community. Many of us have been here for generations and are continuing to raise our own families here.  Arkansas is special to me because this is where I was born and raised, as were my parents and grandparents before me. I have chosen to stay and raise my own child here because I love the … Read More

Thank AR Workers: Happy Labor Day!

Kick back and relax this Labor Day — you’ve earned it! This day is for all of us and let’s face it, with everything that COVID has brought, it’s not a bad time to think about how working people are treated in this country. We’ve got to get it right, even when those at the top don’t always seem like … Read More