Republicans Call French Hill Ad Racist, But Don’t Address Their Other Dishonesty

LITTLE ROCK — Representative Michael John Gray, Democratic Party of Arkansas Chairman, released the following statement after Doyle Webb, the Republican Party of Arkansas Chairman, filed an ethics complaint against a pro-French Hill PAC.   “I want to commend Chairman Doyle Webb and the RPA for calling the radio advertisement running in support of Congressman French Hill ‘racist’ and requesting its … Read More

DPA Chairman: Pro-French Hill Radio Ad Racist, Calls For Hill and GOP Chair to Demand Immediate Removal

LITTLE ROCK — Representative Michael John Gray, Democratic Party of Arkansas Chairman, released the following statement: “This pro-French Hill radio ad is racist. It demeans the pain and experience of African Americans and exploits for political gain centuries of segregation and racial violence, including lynching. Instead of calling the ad for what it is—overtly racist, dangerous, and immoral—Congressman French Hill … Read More

Congressman Rick Crawford has “failed” Arkansas

HELENA, Arkansas - Chintan Desai knows that flipping Arkansas’s First Congressional District won’t be easy. Its size, covering nearly 18,000 square miles, and its long electoral trend to the GOP make the district difficult to run a strong, grassroots campaign. But that hasn’t dissuaded Desai. Or his army of volunteers. Over the summer and in the course of just 30 … Read More

Susan Inman to Thurston: Return the $30,000 in Taxes You Spent on a Personal Bass Boat

LITTLE ROCK-Susan Inman, Democratic nominee for Secretary of State, at a press conference at the State Capitol criticized Land Commissioner John Thurston’s purchase of a nearly $30,000 bass boat with taxpayer funds. Inman said Thurston wanted a new toy and had Arkansans pay for it. Thurston is Inman Republican opponent for Secretary of State in November. “John Thurston is the … Read More

More Bad National Attention for Arkansas’s Defective Work Requirement

LITTLE ROCK-On Monday, The New York Times took a hard look at Arkansas’s work requirement for its Medicaid Expansion program, Arkansas Works. The Trump administration has been encouraging states that expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act to impose a work requirement on lower income recipients of the expanded health insurance. Arkansas, under the direction of Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson, became the … Read More

Susan Inman Gets It. That’s Why She Backs Vote-By-Mail for Arkansas.

LITTLE ROCK-Susan Inman, Democratic nominee for Secretary of State, is making waves in the media as of late. Her policy ideas and her ability to detail her experience have made her the clear choice heading into the November election. >>> Donate to Susan Inman for Secretary of State today.    On Sunday, she published on an opinion in the Arkansas … Read More

Hill Refuses to Denounce ‘Racist’ Mailers as VP Pence Visits Little Rock

LITTLE ROCK-Voters in Arkansas’s Second Congressional District have heard little from their current congressman, Representative French Hill. After repeatedly voting to repeal the ACA and its protections for pre-existing conditions, Rep. Hill has yet to have an in-person town hall during the 2018 campaign. In addition to ignoring his constituents, Rep. Hill has yet to denounce the vile mailers sent … Read More