Amy Klobuchar Brings The Presidential Race To Arkansas

Amy Klobuchar drew quite a crowd in central Arkansas on Sunday. It included friendly remarks from former U.S. Senators Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor, welcoming Sen. Klobuchar to Arkansas. State Representative Tippi McCullough took to the stage to offer her endorsement of Klobuchar’s Presidential campaign.

“McCullough cited Klobuchar’s ability to bring together a broad coalition of voters as the primary reason for her support. “Senator Klobuchar understands values that are important to Arkansas families and has a record of bridging divides to get important work done,” Mccullough said.”

Watch Presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar’s remarks after the rally.

Multiple Presidential campaigns are organizing in Arkansas in advance of the March 3 primary, including Elizabeth Warren and Tom Steyer.

Early voting is underway

Candidates that are still in the race that have also visited Arkansas include Michael Bloomberg and Sen. Bernie Sanders. Joe Biden’s spouse, Dr. Jill Biden, has visited Arkansas. Pete Buttigieg’s spouse Chasten Buttigieg is scheduled to be in central Arkansas this week.