Arkansas Absentee Ballots Under Threat

Recent actions by the Republican Party of Arkansas and its Chairman Doyle Webb show that the party is engaging in an attempt to suppress voting via absentee ballots.

“Arkansans deserve some reassurance right now that their votes are going to be counted. And in this time, with all that every Arkansas family is going through, voters need to know that their absentee ballots are going to be counted and not tossed away due to political interference,” said DPA Chairman Michael John Gray. “The state decided to allow absentee voting to help keep voters and poll workers safe, and because it’s proven to be a secure way for someone to cast their ballot. It’s notable too, that Chairman Webb has chosen to target a Democratic stronghold to pursue his purging of absentee ballot applications. I urge Chairman Webb to refrain from interfering with the election process.”

The Governor and the Secretary of State have previously confirmed, in a joint press conference with DPA Chairman Michael John Gray, that all Arkansans have a right to request an absentee ballot for the November election — due to COVID-19 concerns and restrictions, including an expected shortage of poll workers.

On Sep. 2, RPA Chairman Webb, along with other Republican operatives, began a series of politically-motivated inquiries into the Pulaski County Circuit Clerk questioning the integrity of the absentee ballot application process, claiming without merit or evidence that signatures aren’t being verified and that records aren’t being posted to the electronic voter registration system within two days, as the law requires. Chairman Webb has stated the RPA is looking into other counties as well, though he has been unable to provide any evidence.


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