Arkansas At Risk: No Shelter-In-Place Order

Arkansas Needs A Shelter-In-Place Order 

Arkansas is one of just five states that has yet to implement some form of a shelter-in-place order. The other states are North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska and Iowa. Arkansas is failing to follow the general consensus of public health professionals across the country.

“We need to act decisively now, so that we can minimize the duration and long-term impact of this virus,” said state Rep. Denise Garner. “While our efforts so far have made some difference and have been well intentioned, it’s clear that far too many people are disregarding guidance to stay home and avoid crowds. Arkansas needs to focus on shutting down all but essential activities, providing food and economic support to people for the duration of the crisis, and then on re-building and re-starting our economy. With each day we delay, we are making our own crisis worse.”

Rep. Garner is a retired Oncology nurse, representing House District 84 in Fayetteville and Washington County. Her husband is a frontline doctor in Washington County. She has two sons, one of which is facing the shutdown of their restaurant during the crisis, the other is a frontline doctor in Memphis, TN.

KNWA recently reported that Arkansas has a ‘D’ in social distancing, which is a dangerous grade. While officials in neighboring states have been calling on Arkansas to act responsibly and order a shelter-in-place order.