Arkansas Comes Together For Biden

Joe Biden has officially accepted the nomination for President of the United States at the Democratic National Convention, with Kamala Harris serving as the Vice Presidential nominee. Arkansas is a battleground state with polling showing Biden and Trump in a dead heat. Democratic candidates up and down the ballot, from state House to U.S. Congress are in a good position to help bring the country back together.

Democratic Party of Arkansas Chair Michael John Gray >>>
“This election is about who is ready to lead — during a time of great crisis — and about empathy. These times demand that we come together, so that we can build back the America we can all be proud of. This is our chance to overcome the flames of division, to come together, and to put the country first.”

Rep. Jamie Scott (North Little Rock) >>>
“The Democratic National Convention exceeded all my expectations. V.P. Biden gave the speech of his life, while Sen. Harris had us in tears. Americans are scared and in desperate times, this ticket gives us hope and represents the best of us. They’re ready to lead this nation out of this season of darkness — during a global pandemic, economic meltdown, and racial tension everywhere you turn. After four years of national embarrassment, hateful rhetoric, and divisiveness from our Commander in Chief, we must do everything in our power to elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. We can’t afford to stay home, our lives depend on us turning out this election cycle. Vote early, and wear a mask.”

Rep. Reginald Murdock (Marianna) >>>
“I’m elated to see Vice President Biden accept the nomination. He brings the experience and composure that will help to restore the DIGNITY and UNITY that the office of President must have and what our country deserves.”

Celeste Williams (Third Congressional District Nominee) >>>
“My hope is renewed and my resolve is strengthened. I’m proud of our party and the roadmap laid out to build back better. We have a choice November 3, and I am confident the American people will choose the path of unity and progress by electing Joe Biden and Democrats up and down the ballot.”

Rep. Tippi McCullough (Little Rock) >>>
“Joe Biden’s empathetic intelligence, dignity, and patriotism is what we so desperately need now. We are searching for that person that can pull us out of the constant chaos, who will build back better. Our losses seem to keep mounting, whether it be jobs, the very lives of the people we love who are needlessly dying, our teachers fearing for their lives — and just the total void of leadership at the top. Joe will work for us and care for us, and be an example we can aspire to. As Dr. Jill Biden says, he will ‘make our nation whole.'”

Wanda Young (Arkansas Delegate, Union County) >>>
“Watching the Democratic Convention tonight safely from my home and knowing that I got to be a part of nominating Joe Biden to represent our party has been momentous. I feel hopeful for our future. I believe that our country has brighter days ahead of us, that we will come together as a people in November to end the chaos we are hammered with daily. With Joe Biden and Kamala Harris at the helm of our ship, we truly can build our country back — and build it back better.”