Arkansas Democratic Party Chair on South Florida Shooting

Today, we grieve as yet another senseless tragedy has taken lives within our schools — this time in Florida. Our hearts are with the victims, their families, and the entire Broward County community.

Grieving parents shouldn’t have to demand government do something on this issue. Lori Alhadeff, the mother of Alyssa Alhadeff who was killed in this Florida massacre, shouldn’t have to be begging for action from her government. It’s on us as community leaders to engage here. It’s well past time we look beyond the political rhetoric and lobbyists and talk seriously about how we can address this.

It’s ridiculous that the only time we talk about the issue of gun violence is after a major tragedy like this. We must get reasonable people in the room to have serious discussions surrounding this issue. People elected us to lead, to make the hard and sometimes-unpopular decisions. That’s our job, and that’s what we should be doing