Arkansas Democrats Elect New National Committee Members

The Democratic Party of Arkansas is building toward a better Arkansas. At Saturday’s State Committee meeting, 200-plus members elected the party’s two Democratic National Committee members. Johnnie Roebuck and Jay Barth were elected to serve as Arkansas’s representatives to the Democratic National Committee.

“Democrats in Arkansas are ready to build back and to take ownership of our party,” said Democratic Party of Arkansas Chair Michael John Gray. We have had excellent National Committee representation and the elections of Dr. Roebuck and Dr. Barth give me confidence that our voice will be heard and Arkansas will be represented at the DNC.”

Dr. Johnnie Roebuck has been an educator, Dean of Henderson State University, state Representative, Arkansas House Majority Leader, a leader on state and national campaigns, and a tireless advocate for Arkansas families throughout her life. She lives in Arkadelphia with her husband, Dr. Tommy Roebuck.

“The Democratic Party wants every citizen to thrive with an opportunity to succeed and live a productive life. I will fight for those values. I grew up on a Delta cotton farm and was a first-generation college graduate. I learned the importance of service, hard work, determination, and persistence while developing a strong moral compass. I know that success comes from effective leaders who promote teamwork and cooperation through participation by, and inclusion of, all who are involved in the process. 

Our Party is rich in human potential and there is no limit to what we can accomplish when we work together in an atmosphere of trust and respect. Our Party is diverse with extraordinary talents, experiences, and expertise. Our differences are our strength. Together, we have the knowledge and ability to increase our membership, recruit candidates and raise the needed funds necessary to elect Democrats up and down the ballot. We must not only elect but retain our Democratic officials who can tackle problems and develop sound and effective policies to improve the lives of all Arkansans. I am willing to work with the DPA to make those goals a reality.”

Dr. Jay Barth recently retired as the Political Science Chair at Hendrix College and currently serves as Chief Education Officer for the City of Little Rock. Barth has chaired four DPA Platform Committees that have produced the most progressive platforms in our party’s history, chairs the Rules Committee, and has been a stalwart presence in campaigns and party operations. He lives in Little Rock with his husband, Chuck Cliett.

“I’ve seen others come-and-go from the DPA as the party’s fortunes go up and down or as party chairs win and lose, but I’ve stayed around and continued to do the work of the DPA because of my commitment to the principles of the Democratic party. It’s those principles that have guided this country and state toward policies bending our state and nation towards enhanced justice and equality. In my work within the party,
I’ve sought to bridge build across our factional divides to unify our party during a challenging period in its history. I know we will build together toward a better future for Arkansas families.”

Roebuck ran along with Arkansas Democratic Black Caucus President Debrah Mitchell. Barth ran in addition to former state Party Chair Jason Willett. They replace outgoing National Committeeman Dustin McDaniel and National Committeewoman Kasey Summerville.