Arkansas Democrats For Kamala

Whoa! Kamala and Joe, that’s a winning combination.

It’s good news no matter how you slice it, especially here in Arkansas where Joe Biden and Donald Trump are polling at a dead heat.

Check out how Arkansas Democrats reacted to the news >>>

Sen. Joyce Elliott, who is on the brink of becoming the first African-American elected to the U.S. Congress from Arkansas, gave praise to Kamala — returning the support– in their developing relationship.

Mayor Frank Scott, the first African-American popularly elected mayor of Little Rock, hailed the Biden-Harris ticket.

DNC Women’s Caucus Chairwoman Lottie Shackelford, who was the first woman to serve as mayor of Little Rock, shared her reaction with the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette >>>

“The first thing that I did was to call my daughters and my granddaughters,” she said. “Can you believe it?,” she told them. An hour later, the Democratic National Committee Women’s Caucus chairwoman was still savoring the news. “I’m in tears and I’m so happy. This is more than historic. This is simply putting the country on the right track,” Shackelford said.

As did Arkansas Democratic Black Caucus President Debrah Mitchell >>>

“This is our time and, as a black woman, it is emotional,” said Debrah Mitchell, president of the Arkansas Democratic Black Caucus. Over the years, black women have labored to make the party strong, she said. “We are the base of the Democratic Party. We’re the most loyal voters. We are always tried and true,” she said. “We’ve been out here doing our part and it’s time for us to be recognized.”

State Rep. Jamie Scott, the youngest African-American woman ever elected to the Arkansas Legislature, highlighted the historic weight of VP Kamala Harris.

Democratic Party of Arkansas Chairman Michael John Gray hailed the news as step forward for the nation and a boost to races in Arkansas >>>

“We’re more than excited that Kamala Harris will be Joe Biden’s 2020 running mate, and the next Vice President of the United States,” said Democratic Party of Arkansas Chairman Michael John Gray. “She is an absolute force and her determination is inspiring. She will become the first woman elected Vice President. This is a moment to be celebrated by all Americans. And importantly, it’s a moment that puts us that much closer to closing this unfortunate chapter in the White House.”

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