Arkansas Democrats Put Families First

Governor Asa Hutchinson just declared K-12 students will be expected to finish the school year remotely. It’s going to take a major lift – and the passing of some Democratic priorities – to make sure children and families get the support they deserve.

Some districts’ alternative learning plans are heavily internet-based. With Arkansas being one of the least broadband connected states in the nation, this is a major hardship and will lead to unequal education across the state. We can’t let that happen.

It’s not just internet access.  Many parents are overwhelmed with balancing their child’s education and their own workload, and that’s if they haven’t been laid off.

The Fiscal Session of the Arkansas Legislature starts on Wednesday and our Democratic legislators need your support. We need to be able to push the message for them and communicate directly with Arkansas voters that more needs to be done in this time of crisis. We need to let Arkansas know that Democrats are fighting for them. However, we can’t do it alone. Contribute today and be a part of that change.

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P.S. Again, we understand that times are tough right now for many. Please only give if you can