Arkansas Democrats Respond To Governor’s Statewide Address

LITTLE ROCK — Gov. Asa Hutchinson gave a televised prime-time statewide address on Thursday regarding what the Trump White House calls the “unyielding” spread of COVID in Arkansas due to a lack of sufficient public health measures. The governor offered sound advice ahead of the Holidays, praised first responders, gave credit to all Arkansans for enduring this time, and reinforced what federal officials have told us about vaccine delivery. But his remarks fell short of offering an Arkansas-based solution to supporting our businesses, families, and schools or curtailing the spread of COVID.

“The governor is right that we will get through this together if we all make responsible choices like wearing a mask. But he’s missed the mark if he thinks we’re all experiencing this the same way, or that we’re making “progress” on stopping COVID,” said Democratic Party of Arkansas Chairman Michael John Gray.

“Essential workers aren’t being guaranteed pay or time to quarantine, let alone healthcare. Our teachers are working overtime and getting no additional support. Our hospitals are warning us they’re pushing capacity. Yet the governor’s main focus next legislative session is on tax cuts that most of us will never really feel. The GOP-run government is washing their hands of it and leaving it all up to the federal government. The governor should propose a legislative package to support our schools, businesses, and families during next year’s session.”