Arkansas Democrats Respond to Sanders’s Latest Scandal PrisonGate: “Disgraceful Conduct by a Keyboard Administration”

LITTLE ROCK – Democratic Party of Arkansas Strategic Director Will Watson released the following statement after Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s absurd call for the resignation for the Board of Corrections Chair, Benny Magness:

“Today is only the latest day in nearly a year of disgraceful conduct by a keyboard administration more committed to generating cable news hits and likes on social media than they are actually governing,” said Watson. 

“Over the course of her first year, Governor Sanders, her staff of imported bullies, and her lapdogs in the Republican legislative majority have:

  • Sent millions of public tax dollars to private schools through a back-room voucher scam that failed in other conservative states
  • Spent tens of thousands of tax dollars on luxury travel and excesses for her mansion — to say nothing of an apocryphal $19,000 lectern 
  • Tried to cover up her spending and travel habits by attacking our state’s best-in-the-nation transparency law 
  • Conspired with special interests to profiteer the Buffalo National River — after ousting the most popular member of her cabinet, Mike Mills, who is a champion of the area
  • Picked a fight with the state Board of Corrections in an effort to overcrowd and endanger law enforcement and prisoners, throwing the state into Constitutional peril 

In 2024, Arkansas Democrats look forward to making our case to voters and rejecting this cynical politics of self-aggrandizement and personal profit. We are clear-eyed in our focus on building a healthier, safer, fairer, and brighter Arkansas.”