Arkansas Legislature Begins Fiscal Session Amidst COVID-19

The Arkansas Legislature began its Fiscal Session on Wednesday at noon amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The state’s budget is falling fast and Arkansas families deserve more support than ever.

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Like the rest of the nation, Arkansas is not immune to the havoc that COVID-19 is inflicting on our public health — and importantly, the daily lives of Arkansans.

Now, more than ever Arkansans deserve a basic sense of security.

As a state, we can’t be asking families to head into the months ahead not knowing if they’ll get unemployment help, or be able to procure a loan for their small business —or whether or not they’ll be evicted because they are barred from going to work because of a state-issued public health order.

Our budget this Fiscal session needs to put the people of Arkansas first. This, above all else is our mission, it’s our calling. Arkansas deserves no less.

The governor has described the problem as historic. It is a monumental challenge — and we must rise to the occasion.

Democratic lawmakers will outline their priorities for the session on Wednesday afternoon.

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