Arkansas Pediatricians Warn Republican’s School Plan Too Dangerous For Kids

Should we listen to our children’s doctors or elected officials? The answer is clear to the Arkansas Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics: the back to school plan mandated by elected Republican leaders is not safe for our children. We are at a critical crossroads with this pandemic.


Do we want to buckle down and get serious, so that we can get back on track and live our lives? Or do we want to continue to ignore the problem and live in a world of a wishful thinking? The consequences of our decisions could make all the difference in the lives of our children, their teachers, and our communities as a whole.

It’s clear that the current crop of elected leaders, mostly Republicans, are failing us during this crisis. Now our children’s health and that of their teachers is on the line. We need real leadership more than ever. Arkansas is ready for accountability and legislators who are more worried about people’s well-being than political points. The consequences of inaction are simply too high.

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