Arkansas Refuses Shelter In Place, Too Worried About Economy & Having To Help People

Despite the rest of the nation issuing Shelter In Place orders, Arkansas is refusing to follow best practices outlined by medical professionals. The reason? Governor Asa Hutchinson is more worried about the economy than your health.

Leaders in other states, including our neighbors, have decided to support families and workers through this crisis, by: promoting direct financial support; issuing moratoriums on rent payments & evictions; increasing unemployment office capacity in meaningful ways; and establishing paid sick leave.

At a press conference Thursday, Gov. Hutchinson fretted that a “couple hundred thousand would be out of work” if he issued a Shelter in Place order, and that the economy of the state couldn’t sustain it for long. Arkansans deserve better. Our lives are more valuable than the next quarterly economic report.

Governor Asa Hutchinson and the Republican-controlled Arkansas Legislature have failed Arkansas families and workers in this time of crisis. There has been little to no economic support from the governor’s office and Legislature. They’re throwing their hands up and leaving it to dysfunctional Washington D.C. They won’t even safeguard our health by issuing a Shelter In Place order.

The Arkansas Legislature will meet April 8th for its regularly planned Fiscal Session. The needs and priorities of Arkansans must be addressed and critical budgets must be safeguarded.