Arkansas Rep. Reginald Murdock Tests Positive For COVID-19

Murdock Is In Good Spirits

State Representative Reginald Murdock is a lion in the Arkansas Legislature, representing Marianna and the heart of the Delta. Murdock informed Arkansas House staff on Wednesday that he has tested positive for COVID-19.

Democratic Party of Arkansas Chairman Michael John Gray is a long-time friend of Rep. Murdock. The two served together in the House.

“Like a lot of people, I’ve selfishly been praying that this crisis wouldn’t hit too close to home. Frankly when I heard from Rep. Murdock about his positive COVID-19 test I was stunned. My heart goes out to Rep. Murdock and his wife and family. I can’t imagine the uncertainty and questions they have been enduring right now. I am relieved to hear he is feeling well and continue to wish him and his family all the best in this time.”

The Arkansas Legislature is set to meet April 8 for a Fiscal Session. Plans are in place to have the House meet at UA Little Rock’s Jack Stephen’s Center to facilitate safe distancing between legislators after passing through a temperature screening.