The New Republican Plan To Hinder Medical Marijuana In Arkansas

It’s been more than two years since Arkansas voters overwhelmingly approved medical marijuana for patients with certain chronic conditions and diseases. The state has more than dragged its heels on carrying out the will of the people. And now, before the program is even off the ground there is a new effort in the Arkansas Legislature to radically limit medical marijuana, and to disrespect the will of voters.

Republican Sen. Cecile Bledsoe of Rogers introduced a pair of bills on Tuesday that – if passed – will drastically scale back medical marijuana in Arkansas. It will put even more barriers between patients, doctors, and access to modern medicine.

Check out this coverage from the Arkansas Times

“Her SB 440 would ban sale of medical marijuana in food or drink form except in a hospital by a qualified health care provider. Edible products are a popular means of selling medical marijuana at dispensaries nationwide and far easier for many to take than, say smoking the product.

Her SB 441 would ban advertising of the product or of physician or caregiver services. It would also ban promotional coupons. Sellers also could not use symbols for their businesses associated with medical practice.”

Bledsoe is pushing this despite 53.6 percent of her district approving the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment in 2016.

This legislation intends to alter a voter-approved Constitutional Amendment and requires a two-thirds vote in each chamber of the Arkansas Legislature to change.

Arkansas Democrats believe in the state’s motto, Regnat Populus, “The People Rule.” The will of voters must be carried out and patients and doctors must have access to a full arsenal of modern medicine. SB 440 and SB 441 are a danger to the health and democratic power of Arkansans.