DPA Chair Gray Backs Farm Bill, Sen. Cotton Says “NO” To Helping Arkansas Farmers

Now more than ever Arkansas farmers need certainty. But U.S. Senator Tom Cotton just turned his back on Arkansas farmers and voted “no” on the 2018 Farm Bill. Arkansas Democrats know better. Farm families embody what is best in Arkansas and their (often thankless) work drives our economy. Democratic Party of Arkansas Chairman Michael John Gray, a farmer himself, knows … Read More

GOP’s Rapert Scared Of Muslims, Says They Shouldn’t Vote Or Hold Office

Arkansas State Senator Jason Rapert is putting his foot in his mouth again… The Arkansas Faith Caucus of the Democratic Party of Arkansas today responded to social media posts by state Senator Jason Rapert (R-Bigelow) saying that Muslims should not be serving in elected office and do not deserve to be represented.     (NOTE: After the publication of this … Read More