Barbara and David Pryor Test Positive for COVID-19

LITTLE ROCK — It has been confirmed that both Barbara and David Pryor have tested positive for COVID-19. David Pryor has been admitted to UAMS because of his age (85) and medical history, while Barbara remains at home.

David Pryor served in the U.S. House of Representative (’66-’73), as Governor of Arkansas (’75’-79), in the U.S. Senate (’79-97), and as Chair of the Democratic Party of Arkansas (’08-09)

“Our hearts go out to the Pryor family during this trying time and we offer our prayers and support to help in whatever way we can. I know that for many of us in Arkansas the Pryor’s have always held a special place in defining Arkansas values and what it means to put others before self. That spirit is exactly what’s needed today, as we continue to see this nationwide crisis hit closer and closer to home,” said D.P.A. Chairman Michael John Gray. “We all need to take some responsibility for taking care of our communities, wear a mask, and make sure we are looking out for each other and doing what’s right so we can get through this together.”