Bill Signing Ceremony To Deliver Largest Arkansas Infrastructure Investment In Nearly 100 Years

Arkansas is preparing to benefit from the largest long-term infrastructure investment the state has seen in nearly a century. President Joe Biden will sign into law the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act at a ceremony this afternoon at the White House. Despite gaining the support of a bipartisan majority of Americans and lawmakers, Arkansas’s all-Republican Congressional delegation voted in lockstep against delivering $3.6 billion for Arkansas roads and bridges; $100 million for broadband internet to reach rural homes; and $528 million for clean drinking water in every county.

“This is an important moment that marks the beginning of truly meaningful infrastructure investments in Arkansas not seen in generations. It will create thousands of new jobs in every part of our state. It will matter to families – and to entire towns – for years to come. Every person and every business in Arkansas benefits from fixing our roads and making dangerous bridges safe again. Every farmer and every family will benefit from landmark commitments to water quality and irrigation projects. Every community will benefit from working broadband internet that is affordable. This is about caring enough about Arkansas to make a commitment to our future and about providing a foundation for people to stay, build, and lay firm foundations for our state,” said Democratic Party of Arkansas Chairman Grant Tennille.

“Arkansas’s infrastructure needs have been unfunded and neglected for years, that’s especially true in rural Arkansas. It’s disappointing but not surprising that Sen. John Boozman, Sen. Tom Cotton, Rep. Rick Crawford, Rep. French Hill, Rep. Steve Womack, and Rep. Bruce Westerman all voted against delivering $3.6 billion for Arkansas infrastructure. When we see the economic development and ribbon cuttings in the years to come, let’s make sure we know how it was made possible. Our Congressmen could take a cue from Gov. Asa Hutchinson who characterized the landmark bipartisan plan as “setting aside partisan differences to pass a bill that works for the American people.” I believe the people of Arkansas will see it the same way.”

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