Business Immunity Special Session A Danger To Arkansas

The Arkansas Legislature is getting ready to vote to make it impossible for employees and customers to hold a business responsible for reckless disregard for their health and safety, especially related to COVID-19, by giving them immunity in the courts. The Democratic Party of Arkansas is against letting businesses avoid responsibility for endangering their staff and customers.

UPDATE 6/15 1:38 p.m.: Governor Asa Hutchinson says he’ll pursue the same outcome through issuing three separate executive orders. The DPA opposes this tactic and end result.

“If a business, like a nursing home, has immunity it means they aren’t really required to do what’s right to protect their staff and patients. It means nursing homes won’t be held responsible if they fail to do what’s right and someone gets sick as a result.” said DPA Chairman Michael John Gray. “It’s basically forcing people to go into unsafe working conditions, without having the right to do anything about it — even if they fall ill. Leaders in Arkansas need to start valuing responsibility instead of giving bad faith employers excuses to do wrong. It’s pretty telling the Legislature wants to rush a Special Session for business immunity, but can’t do much of anything to support working people through COVID-19, to support education this Fall, or to make necessary changes to policing and criminal justice. Fortunately, voters are taking notice.”


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