Chairman Gray and Van Buren County Celebrate Democratic Public Servants

Chairman Gray Van Buren County Democrats did it right

Democratic Party of Arkansas Chairman Michael John Gray and the Van Buren County Democratic Party held a celebration on Tuesday night.

The gathering brought together all their Democratic public officials that had served the Van Burn County community. Together all the individuals honored Tuesday had a total of 94 years of service.

Each official was presented with a plaque from the County Party members.

The outgoing officials were:

  • Sheriff Scott Bradley, 15 years
  • County Judge Roger Hooper, 8 years
  • Circuit Clerk Ester Bass, 16 years
  • County Assessor Trina Jones, 11 years
  • County Treasurer Kim Hunley, 16 years
  • County Collector Lisa Nunley, 21 years
  • Justice of the Peace (district 9) Kevin Housley, 4 years

“These elected officials are Democrats through and through because they care about people and because they have done the work,” said Chairman Gray in a speech to the crowd.

“The Chairman was a hit. He made a great speech and everyone was impressed,” said Paula Smith, a longtime member of the Van Buren County Party. “It meant a lot to those people that served us, and we made it him work!”