Child Tax Credit Begins: Democrats Deliver For Arkansas

Starting July 15, Arkansas families will start to receive a monthly tax cut as part of the American Rescue Plan. Thanks to President Biden and Democrats more than 90 percent of Arkansas families will benefit from this expanded Child Tax Credit of up to $300 per child. That’s good news for 661,000 Arkansas children, especially given that every single Republican member of Congress voted to try and stop this historic tax relief.

The child tax credit is expanding from $2,000 to $3,000 for each child between 6 and 17 years old and to $3,600 for each child under age 6. It will help lift more than 48,000 children out of poverty.

This assistance is critical to helping cover expenses like child care, preparing for back to school costs, and supporting a return to work for folks who lost their jobs or income during the pandemic. This is direct relief for Arkansas families.

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The Democratic Party of Arkansas held a press conference to share information with the public on the new program.

“The families of 661,000 Arkansas children are getting an opportunity like we’ve never seen with this tax credit…yet Rep. Rick Crawford, Rep. French Hill, Rep. Steve Womack, Rep. Bruce Westerman, Sen. Tom Cotton, and Sen. John Boozman voted against this direct, monthly payment to the pockets of parents in this state,” said DPA Chairman Michael John Gray. “It is a big day for the families of Arkansas. This is historic tax relief that is going directly to the pockets of Arkansas families.

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“This tax credit will impact me and my family positively. It will allow me the ability to enroll my son in recreational activities that will enhance his overall well being. It will help me save for emergencies like car troubles and the other unexpected circumstances of life. This is a very positive step.”

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