Clarke Tucker Debates Issues While French Hill Attends Fundraisers

(from the Clarke Tucker for Congress website)

LITTLE ROCK-Appearing in the KATV studio Wednesday with moderators Roby Brock of Talk Business and Politics and KATV anchor Chris May, Clarke Tucker came away from the evening with a dominant performance among invited candidates. From pre-existing conditions and health care coverage to national security and foreign policy, the topics were wide-ranging and lasted over 60 minutes as Tucker took dozens of questions from moderators and voters in the district. Congressman French Hill was invited last month by KATV and Talk Business and politics, but declined the opportunity to take questions from Arkansans, leaving Tucker the hour to speak with voters.

“It says a lot about Congressman Hill’s record that he won’t show up here tonight,” Tucker said. “If you are running for elected office, you should be accountable and accessible to the people, and that is exactly what we’re doing in this race and what I will do in Congress.”


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