County Judges Back 911 Funding Passed By Joyce Elliott & Gov., Attacked By French Hill

County Judges Support 911 Funding Law
Passed By Governor & Joyce Elliott

LITTLE ROCK — County judges across Arkansas are speaking up in support of the 911 Funding Law passed by Governor Asa Hutchinson and State Sen. Joyce Elliott. However, leading up to Election Day Congressional candidate French Hill has been attacking this bi-partisan 911 Services program. County judges in Arkansas say the bi-partisan 911 Funding Law passed by the Governor and Joyce Elliott is a vital lifeline, and that there’s no room to play politics when people’s lives are on the line.

“This is a bi-partisan law to help fill a gaping hole in an underfunded life and death operation that every county and city in this state depends on. This system is grossly underfunded. We need all the support we can get, this is life and death.” – Conway County Judge Jimmy Hart

“This will go a long way to make sure we can enhance public safety communications. It’s a big help as we try to revamp our whole system. It’s badly needed funding.” – Phillips County Judge Clark Hall

“We need reliable and funded 911 services, especially in rural Arkansas. These systems need all the support they can get to make sure that people get the help they deserve. People have a right to expect someone will pick up the phone and help them if they dial 911.” – Calhoun County Judge Floyd Nutt

“911 services in this state face budget shortfalls and the problem of high turnover with our 911 operators. The costs of these shortfalls and continually training new workers is not just a strain on our system, it’s a life and death issue for every person in this state. Funding 911 services ought to be a priority for any elected official.” – Clay County Judge Mike Patterson