Dalton Thompson is a Proud Everyday Arkansan

Read more about Dalton Thompson, of Faulkner County. He’s a Young Democrat and an Everyday Arkansan!

“I’m a student and I was raised to always act first and foremost out of love for my neighbor. Since my political awakening in early high school, I have used my free time to organize and support progressive movements in Arkansas. I’ve proudly volunteered for Clarke Tucker, Joyce Elliott, Bernie Sanders, and Joe Biden in Arkansas. UCA is a wonderfully diverse community, and one that has opened my eyes to the privilege I hold as a cis white man. My parents always taught me to act only out of love, and to never believe I am inherently better than any other person. Respect has always been foundational to my worldview, and I try to live each day respecting every person I interact with.

Arkansas is special to me not just because of my family’s history with this state, but also the potential I see here for us to become leaders of change in our nation, if only we can put aside petty squabbles and have our elected officials work for us. I believe we have the potential to be drivers of change to protect our environment, lift up the voices of the downtrodden, and provide for the families in our communities. 

I serve as the first openly gay YDUCA President, promoting an incredible and diverse membership. I am also involved with the Faulkner County party, and look forward to promoting our county and our goals with others in Arkansas.”

Dalton Thompson

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