Day After: Absentee Ballots Still Being Counted

More than 5,000 ballots, in Pulaski County alone, have yet to be officially counted. This has a potential to impact several races including the election for House District 32 (west Little Rock) and House District 38 (North Little Rock). Approximately 1,200 are remake ballots and 4,500 are irregular absentee ballots. Those ballots are being evaluated now by the Pulaski County Election Commission.

“If you cast an absentee ballot, and followed the law, your vote should be counted. It’s part of the normal process that election commissioners and the Secretary of State make sure every vote is counted,” said DPA Chairman Michael John Gray. “The amount of ballots we’re talking about is significant and could impact the outcome of races. Voters and hard working candidates have a right to have their votes counted — win or lose.”