Democratic Black Caucus Condemns Gassing Peaceful Protesters

LITTLE ROCK — Arkansas and the nation is on the move, speaking up, and putting bodies on the line to demand justice for George Floyd and every black and brown person in this country who is forced to live in fear of violence. In Arkansas, law enforcement has been using tear gas without provocation to disperse peaceful assemblies. This must stop.

“People are angry. People are in pain. Law enforcement is spraying protestors with tear gas as they exercise their First Amendment rights, regardless if people are being peaceful or destructive,” said Arkansas Democratic Black Caucus President Debrah Mitchell. “So, let’s stop with the tear gas! Let’s also stop the damaging of property because buildings don’t matter, Black Lives Matter! Let’s continue to peacefully march with our masks on in the streets. But we MUST also march to the ballot box this November and bring the change we keep shouting – Stop. Killing. Black. People.”