Democratic Party Chairman Gray Slams Rep. Steve Womack’s Statement That Only Europeans Can ‘Actually Fit into the Society’

LITTLE ROCK – Chairman of the Democratic Party of Arkansas Michael John Gray today fired back at Rep. Womack after Womack’s statement in which he says we need to “better appeal to people from other European countries” who can “come in here and actually fit into the society as we know it.”


“The Republican Party is better than what we’ve seen from its leaders over the past 24 hours,” Chairman Gray said. “What Representative Womack said today was racist and quite frankly embarrassing for the people of Arkansas’ 3rd District. I’ve spent enough time in that area of the state to know that the 3rd District is full of good, decent people — people far above Representative Womack’s words today. They know how to treat their neighbor with decency and respect. The people of northwestern Arkansas deserve a leader who reflects its people’s decency.”

Rep. Steve Womack’s full statement can be found on 4029‘s website here.