Democrats Deliver For Arkansas: Largest Infrastructure Investment In Nearly A Century

Arkansas is set to receive its largest long-term infrastructure investment in nearly a century thanks to President Biden and a bi-partisan vote in Congress. The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act passed despite every member of Arkansas’s Congressional delegation failing to support this historic bi-partisan commitment to Arkansas infrastructure.

“Arkansas has struggled with critically bad infrastructure for years, thank goodness that Democrats are doing something about it. For whatever reason, our Republican Congressmen voted against funding our state’s needs, but you can bet we’ll see them rushing to take credit at ribbon cuttings for projects they wouldn’t even vote to fund,” said Democratic Party of Arkansas Chair Grant Tennille. “This is about projects both big and small. Roads and bridges in every corner of this state are structurally deficient or unsafe. Agriculture is critical to Arkansas’s economic strength, yet massive, backlogged irrigation projects such as Bayou Meto and Grand Prairie remain unfinished. The Pandemic taught us that high-speed Internet is critical infrastructure for businesses, schools and families. Every part of Arkansas will benefit thanks to this hard work, it’s worth celebrating.”

“Rep. French Hill voted against funding for Arkansas. Rep. Rick Crawford voted against funding for Arkansas. Rep. Steve Womack voted against funding for Arkansas. Rep. Bruce Westerman voted against funding for Arkansas. Senator John Boozman and Senator Tom Cotton voted against funding for Arkansas. They’ve revealed themselves as more interested in political games than joining in bipartisan agreements to bring historic infrastructure investment to the people they represent.”

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework will bring to Arkansas: more than $3.6 billion for highways, roads, and bridges; $100 million for reliable and affordable broadband internet for all families in every part of the state; and $528 million to ensure clean drinking water for every Arkansas family, especially in schools and childcare centers.

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– Press Release, November 8, 2021