Democrats to Hold Special State Convention Online to Elect Presidential Delegates

The Democratic Party of Arkansas believes that voters should not have to choose between their health and their right to vote. The Party understands that the current COVID-19 pandemic has upended business as usual, but that the democratic process must not be lost. The state of Arkansas should take similar steps to guarantee that all voters in the Natural State can cast their ballot safety through extended early voting and vote-by-mail.
The State Party is holding its quadrennial Special State Convention to elect National Delegates virtually on Saturday, May 30.
“I’m proud the Democratic Party is making bold, necessary, and unprecedented adjustments to make sure that Arkansans will have a say in the election of the next President of the United States,” said Chairman Michael John Gray. “Arkansas played a role on the national stage during this primary process, and we will continue that role by establishing an innovative, first-in-nation virtual convention.” 
Presidential candidates displayed a strong commitment to Arkansas by visiting and sending high-profile surrogates. The Party will honor that commitment by ensuring that the election of its nominee is safe, secure, and accessible to all Arkansans wanting to participate. The Party is continuing to work with the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Association of State Democratic Chairs (ASDC) to develop the format and will announce the full process at a further date.