Democrats Vote YES On Voting Rights Act, Arkansas GOP Opposes

Who Votes Against The Right To Vote?

It’s hard to believe but Arkansas’s Republican Congressmen just voted against a bill to restore critical parts of the landmark 1965 Voting Rights Act, America’s signature legislation protecting voters of color. Why are Rep. French Hill, Bruce Westerman, Rick Crawford, and Steve Womack voting to make it harder for people to vote?

The fact of the matter is that our Representatives should encourage voting and support our inalienable rights — not act to suppress them. That’s why Democratic lawmakers in the U.S. House passed the legislation 228-187, with the help of several Republicans.

Arkansas’s Congressmen refused to budge on their position to limit voting rights. That’s something we can change in 2020 by supporting Joyce Elliott, William Hanson, and Celeste Williams in their races for U.S. Congress.

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“It would make it more difficult for states to discriminate against voters of color, and give the federal government a stronger ability to take action against states with a history of discrimination.”