Democrats Vote YES To Lower Prescription Costs, Arkansas GOP Votes NO

There’s good news, a majority of the U.S. House voted Thursday to pass a bold, practical bill to lower prescription drug costs for seniors. This prescription drug plan would reign in some of the worst practices of the drugmaking industry, and put the lives of seniors first. Unfortunately, Arkansas’s Republican Congressmen voted against lower drug prices for seniors. 

This plan (H.R.3) can make a real impact on out of control prices.

1) Empowers Medicare to negotiate with drugmakers to lower prices.

(2) Limits out of pocket expenses for Medicare patients at $2,000 a year.

(3) Prevents drugmakers from extorting customers by preventing them from raising prices for drugs faster than inflation.

Voters have made it clear that Congress needs to act. That’s why Joyce Elliott (Second District), Celeste Wlliams (Third District), and William Hanson (Fourth District) are running for office — and they need your support to make sure we have U.S. Representatives who vote for Arkansas.

French Hill, Steve Womack, Bruce Westerman, and Rick Crawford need to re-evaluate who they serve, seniors or drugmakers? Arkansas’s U.S. Representatives voted against this plan and in the process failed to offer any meaningful solutions for seniors grappling with rising prescription costs.

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“The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) found the bill would lower prices by about 50 percent for drugs subject to negotiation and save $456 billion over 10 years. The bill then invests those savings in expanding Medicare benefits to include hearing, dental and vision care.”