Our Heart of the Party members, Finance Council, Chair’s Circle, and Trustees ensure that your party has the resources to fight back against extremism and hate in the Natural State. Each dollar we raise goes to help us elect Democrats by building the party, building the bench, and building a better future for Arkansas.

Join our Finance Council, Chair’s Circle, and our party Trustees to fund the work our party does every day. Please contact Fundraising Manager Sarah Lindsey Harrison at Sarah@ArkDems.org or 501-374-2361 to join.


Finance Council members contribute $1,500 annually, Chair Circle members contribute $5,000 annually, and Trustees contribute $10,000 annually. Each group and their generous contributions support our work at the Democratic Party of Arkansas and equip us with the resources we need to build a healthier, safer, fairer, and brighter Arkansas. 
Last updated: October 14, 2023