DPA Chair Gray Backs Farm Bill, Sen. Cotton Says “NO” To Helping Arkansas Farmers

Now more than ever Arkansas farmers need certainty. But U.S. Senator Tom Cotton just turned his back on Arkansas farmers and voted “no” on the 2018 Farm Bill. Arkansas Democrats know better. Farm families embody what is best in Arkansas and their (often thankless) work drives our economy. Democratic Party of Arkansas Chairman Michael John Gray, a farmer himself, knows first-hand how important it is to support Arkansas farmers and the Farm Bill.

“In a time of uncertainty in agriculture our farmers needed to know that a fight for a new farm bill would not be an issue.  Senator Cotton decided to ignore the needs of those he represents.  We send our leaders to Washington to get work done not serve an ideology,” said Chairman Michael John Gray.

Agriculture is the backbone of Arkansas’s economy, comprising 41 percent of the state’s land and generating $21.4 billion value added to the state’s economy (according to the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture Research and Extension Service). Arkansas leads the nation in rice production, is second in broilers, third in catfish, fourth in cotton (upland), and fifth in turkeys.

Chairman Gray farms soybeans, corn, wheat, rice and peanuts in Woodruff County. He knows that rural Arkansas needs to be represented by our leaders, not used as political pawns in ideological battles. It’s time to put Arkansas first.

The Farm Bill has wide bi-partisan support as well as backing from anti-hunger advocates and the Arkansas Farm Bureau. This week the U.S. Senate advanced the Farm Bill over Sen. Cotton’s objection. It now heads to the U.S. House.