DPA Chairman: Pro-French Hill Radio Ad Racist, Calls For Hill and GOP Chair to Demand Immediate Removal

LITTLE ROCK — Representative Michael John Gray, Democratic Party of Arkansas Chairman, released the following statement:
“This pro-French Hill radio ad is racist. It demeans the pain and experience of African Americans and exploits for political gain centuries of segregation and racial violence, including lynching. Instead of calling the ad for what it is—overtly racist, dangerous, and immoral—Congressman French Hill and Arkansas GOP Chairman Doyle Webb have revealed their disturbing lack of awareness and insensitivity not only to African Americans, but to all Arkansans who recognize that this ad is just plain wrong. Make no mistake, if they do not immediately and publicly call for the advertisement’s removal from Arkansas airwaves, they support its message loud and clear.”
For media availability or additional questions, please contact DPA Communications Director Reed Brewer.

See the racist ad below: