DPA Statement On The 2022 Election

LITTLE ROCK — On Thursday, State Senator Jim Hendren (I – Sulphur Springs), Governor Asa Hutchinson’s nephew, announced he is leaving the Republican Party of Arkansas.

DPA Chairman Michael John Gray >>>

“A leader in the Republican Party of Arkansas has declared he is leaving a party that has become too extreme, too radical, and too dangerous. He said what most of us already knew, that today’s Republican Party of Arkansas doesn’t focus on the needs of Arkansans but rather on the divisive rhetoric and issues that divide our country.

While we applaud Sen. Hendren for having the courage of his convictions, this information about today’s Republican Party of Arkansas is not news to Arkansas Democrats. We have and will continue to support and lift up candidates whose sole focus has been on the communities in which they live and the state in which they love. These candidates have been focused on healthcare, strong support for public education, and opportunities for people to provide for their families regardless of their zip code.

Sen. Hendren’s exit highlights the mistakes that have been made by blindly voting for Republicans based on the divisive national rhetoric. Arkansas Democrats have been and always will be the party that puts the people of Arkansas first.”