El Dorado’s Glass Ceiling: Smith-Creer Becomes First Woman & First African-American Mayor

There is a new day for leadership in south Arkansas. Veronica Smith-Creer has been sworn in as the next mayor of El Dorado. She emerged from a three-way race to become the first woman and the first African-American to serve as the town’s mayor.

Smith-Creer said she too was thankful for the community support she received during her campaign and for the large voter turnout in El Dorado and Union County.

“I’ve been overwhelmed from the beginning by all of the support,” she said. “I’m so grateful for the people who came out and voted. Voter turnout was amazing.”

When asked her thoughts about the election results Tuesday, Smith-Creer said, “I didn’t have any anticipation as far as the numbers were concerned. It didn’t matter to me how much it was, I just wanted it to be final.”

Smith-Creer said she is looking ahead to day one in office, where she plans to implement changes based on what she identified as key issues during her campaign: street maintenance, beautification and attending to the needs of under-served neighborhoods in El Dorado.

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