Every Vote Matters: One Vote Decides Arkansas House Race

It really is true, every vote counts.

An election to fulfill the remainder of the late Civil Rights legend John Walker’s state House term has been decided by just one vote. Let this be a lesson to all of us in 2020, go and get every single vote. We can’t let anyone sit on the sidelines this November, the stakes are too high.

On Feb. 11, Joy Springer and Ryan Davis headed into a special runoff election, after a four-person contest held earlier in the year failed to give any candidate a majority vote. After the runoff for House District 34, Springer and Davis were tied 372-372. However, the results were not official because the Pulaski County Election Commission was required by law to wait until Friday, Feb 21 for any oversees military ballots to arrive.

There turned out to be just one outstanding ballot, cast in favor of Joy Springer.

This contest was the special election to fulfill the remainder of Rep. John Walker’s term, expiring at the end of the year. The winner faces a March 3 special general election. There is also a regular primary election for this House District March 3.

A previously scheduled Saturday, Feb 22. convention, to resolve the election in the event of a continued tie, is no longer necessary and has been cancalled.