Executive Committee Candidates

1st Congressional District

Female Filers

Mattie Lee Allison

I have worked with the Democratic Party in various capacities for the past 35 yrs. I would like to serve on the Executive Committee because I have many qualities being a “go-getter” when it comes to the Election Process. I am known to be able to work with all people regardless of their ethnicity or socioeconomic background. I can feel the Democratic Party getting energized from our Presidential win. Now is the time for us to fully regroup and bring victory to more Democrats who file for any office in the future.

Tamara Andrea Hood

Hi my name is Tamara A. Hood and I currently serve on the Executive Committee as well as the State Committee. I have been on the Executive Committee for 1 term and would like to serve again. I have had great attendance at the Executive Committee meetings, have gone to meeting where there were heated circumstances,  was vocal about concerns not just for the people in my area of the State, but for all of the Democrats around the State. I have tried to help Democrats from other areas with their campaigns and worked diligently for the Biden/Harris campaign. I have attended and donated to ArkDems fundraisers as well  participated with any Committees I was asked to serve on. I have also taken back extensive reports to my local Crittenden County DCC. I was elected as a 2020 Delegate to the Democratic National Convention and was one of the 8 people chosen by the National Photograhers to appear on the Role Call for Arkansas at the National Convention. I am dedicated, loyal, open minded, pay attention to details, an active participant with the other Democrats in our State, was recently elected as Justice of the Peace Elect District #13 on the Crittenden County Quorum Court, and try to serve as a motivator to get people involved not just in my home community but around the State. I would be the best person to hold this position and hope you will choose me to serve in this next term on the ArkDems Executive Committee.

Judy S. Gibson

“I have been active in Democratic political activities and organizations since 1970’s, with one of the highpoints being the election of Pres. Obama in 2008 and then the ongoing townhalls, rallies, and mobilizing to help secure the passage of the ACA in 2010.  Our “”Obama group”” registered approx. 1,000 new voters, largely on ASU campus, helped manage a local HQ, hosted events, phone-banked and canvassed. I have continued the voter registration event at the ASU Community Day each year since 2008, until COVID prevented this.  I have regularly phone-banked & canvassed for Democrat Coordinated Campaigns in NE Ar., managed fair booths & Democratic county HQ, helped organize townhalls on issues, & served as various county committee officers.  I am currently the Chair of the Greene Co. Committee, a State Committee Member, and more recently I have served on the Executive Committee.  My husband and I have been active in various civil rights and social/criminal justice issues for several decades in Miss., Tn., and Arkansas. We helped found the Diversity Coalition of Jonesboro to address the extreme inequities of minorities in the public safety sector (Police and Fire Dept.),  in relationship to the demographics of the city.  Some changes in recruitment and some progress was made.  We also helped organize a NAACP of Craighead Co. and I currently serve as Assistant Sec. in that organization.  My husband and I serve on the Steering Committee of the Racial Disparities in the Criminal Justice System in Arkansas Research Project at the Bowen Law School.  We were very active in efforts to educate & mobilize citizens to support passage of a Racial Impact Bill sponsored by Joyce Elliott.  We also worked with the ASU YD group, various faith groups, and others in support of including an equal protection statement for LGBTQ city and ASU employees.  ASU did enact a statement of support.    More recently, my County Committee voted to open a HQ (under strict COVID guidelines) in Aug. for the 2020 election.  We felt need to educate the public on issues, mobilize  Democrats, and to show that the Democratic Party is still alive. We had a great response, built up many new allies and volunteers, and increased our membership.  Our FB greatly increased.  I believe this continued outreach and providing of  more venues to help define our party and its values will empower more Democrats to speak out and get involved and grow the party.

       On a more personal note, I have a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, am a Licensed Psych. Examiner, and a retiree after about a 30 year career, mostly as a therapist at Mental Health Centers.  We have a small farm(80 Ac.) in Greene Co,

       I believe the DPA has made good progress over the past 2-3 years in more fully engaging the membership on issues; encouraging membership to share their knowledge/skills and to voice their opinions and ideas; has become more inclusive of all groups and areas; addressed concerns and problems and problem-solved; has made good progress toward becoming more transparent and accountable, even when the errors are ours; and clearer procedures and communications and record-keeping have much improved.  I should like to commit my energy and whatever skills I may bring to helping the DPA continue to succeed and grow.   

Male Filers 

Frederick H Freeman

I am a life long democrat having been part of the ADP for 40+ years.  I currently serve on the executive committee and state committee.  Additionally, I serve on the DPA Rules Committee and County Review Committee.  I bring valuable experience, both politically and operational to the ADP.  I am actively involved in my local party and currently serving my 15th year on the county election commission having served 12 years as chairman.  We have to development a strategic plan to provide guidance for the ADP to turn the curve and become more relevant in the Arkansas political process.  I work hard for ADP related matters and loyal to the ADP.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve.

Asad Khan

I am currently the Chair of the Democratic Party of Craighead County. When I took over the Chair position of Craighead county, our party structure was decimated and there no was activity or plan for the party here. There was hardly any membership to speak of. Today, we are more than 90+ paid members, we fielded candidates in 3 out of 4 legislative positions in Craighead, we won a JP race, we supported non-partisan candidate for City Clerk and through hard work, won that race also in the run-off. We have mobilized Democrats in Craighead, with 1600 people following us on FB. We have increased our county budget to double the amount which we inherited while simultaneously monetarily supporting our candidates. 

I was also chosen to be a Democratic Presidential Elector for Arkansas.  I also served on the State Party Platform Committee as we modified our Party Platform. 

I am a practicing Child Psychiatrist with an active patient population. I work with school systems, criminal justice system, hospitals and teaching resident doctors. This professional career allows me to be in touch with different agencies, school boards, professionals and lay people that allows me to understand the needs for our communities, and to further the cause of social, economic and judicial justice which is the backbone of the Democratic party. 

I want to increase and improve the coordination between counties and to increase our presence on social media.  I want to increase our budget by creating novel ways of raising money locally.  And I want to help build a party in Arkansas of which we can all be proud.

Mike A Nelson

40 years in Arkansas Democratic Party support

2nd Congressional District

Female Filers

Dianne S. Curry

I have worked hard to be a voice for others. I want to continue to work to continue the positive efforts we are making in this state on the committee. Also I’m happy when Democrats win.

Tina M Haggard

I am beginning my 2nd term as a State Committee Member representing Faulkner County. I’m active in my county party and Faulkner County Democratic Women as well. I have come to appreciate the work the executive committee does and would like to be a more active participant in the decision making process.

Mariah Hatta

As a co-founder of the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Democratic Caucus of Arkansas, state and party committee member, former staffer and consultant to Democratic races from the school board and municipal levels to presidential, I bring comprehensive experience on how campaigns can be won. Even in a time of Republican Party dominance in Arkansas, we can continue to rebuild and grow our presence in elected offices. 

As a former state party staffer and executive director, I know that perspective personally but I also know what should be expected of staff, even when resources are limited. I haves worked for four chairs and have worked with three others. This experience provides me a unique perspective of what a volunteer chair can and can’t do and what is expected of him or her. 

I was an organizing committee member, founding board member, executive committee member and the second chair of the board of directors of Emerge Arkansas. Emerge, is a leading political organization focused solely on training and electing Democratic women to office. After much energy and work, over a majority of the founding board resigned earlier this year. The chapter has been inactive ever since. I hope the party can help rebuild Emerge’s presence in Arkansas. I am currently a member of the Women of Color Vote PAC founding board, the AAPI Democratic Caucus of Arkansas and the Democratic Party of Pulaski County. 

I ask for members from the second congressional district of the state committee to vote for me to represent them in the executive committee. Thank you

Terri Hollingsworth

I am running for the Executive Committee because I want to be a part of setting policy and rebuilding my State Democratic Party towards turning Arkansas Blue again! I pledge to be a part of educating our county committees, encouraging our leadership and mobilizing to WIN.

Susan Keith Inman

I would appreciate the opportunity to continue my service on the executive committee representing the 2nd Congressional District. Let’s work together to recruit and prepare candidates to run for office all across our state and turn Arkansas blue! We have so much work to do and together we can do it!  I would appreciate your support and vote! 

Kasey L Summerville

I’d like to continue to serve the DPA executive  committee. My background includes serving as a county elected official for almost 15 years to serving as former President of the ADBC to National Committee Woman.  As my term ends as committeewoman and I’m no longer in the elected office – id like to continue to remain involved with the local and state Dem Party.  I bring all of those experiences combined with my strong desire to use my voice to advocate on behalf of the Dem Party.  Your consideration will be greatly appreciated.  

Jean Robinson Wallace

I have served on the Executive committee in the past and would like to be on the committee again.  I have served the party in many areas offices held President of Pulaski County Democratic Women 4 years, also held other offices in this group currently 2nd VP.  Democratic Party of Pulaski County committee Chaplin under two different chairs. Arkansas Federation of Democratic women was parliamentarian and state director and on the executive committee.  Chair of the Association of County Officers for four years  .  Received the Gressie Carns award at the Clinton dinner. Worked as a volunteer for the DPA  helping where needed traveled around the state and representative for the party at many events. Worked across the state campaigning for many different candidates one year we knocked on over 2,000 doors.  We have got to turn this state back to solid blue. 

Male Filers

David Britton Barber

As a former county candidate and now the outgoing chair of Faulkner County’s Democratic Party I have been very involved in Arkansas politics over the last few years. I’d like to continue to contribute to the Democratic Party in Arkansas, and I think I have insights that could be valuable.

Barrett Goodwin

I’ve been proud to serve as a member of the State Committee for the past few years and I would like to continue to serve the Party and my fellow Democrats while taking on additional responsibility as part of the Executive Committee. 

There is a lot of work that needs to be done to make our party a strong force statewide once again, and I feel that my longtime involvement with the Young Democrats of Arkansas gives me perspective on how to best tackle the challenges before us. I feel that it is my experiences at various levels of the Democratic Party of Arkansas (leadership in the Young Democrats, active county membership in both Faulkner and Pulaski counties, time as a state committee member for Pulaski county, and membership on the DPA Rules Committee) that will serve me well in this role. I would be honored to earn your vote.

Philip Hood

My name is Philip Hood and I am asking for your vote as a candidate for the DPA Executive Committee. I have served for two years as a very active member of the Executive Committee, I am a member of the Pulaski County Democratic Party, and I am a cheerful contributor to our grassroots Heart of the Party program. In the professional realm, I now serve as clerk of the Workers Compensation Commission, which is both the regulatory body for workers’ compensation for the state as well as the appellate court for Administrative Law Judge decisions. When former Gov. Mike Beebe was elected, I was appointed as a commissioner to the Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Commission to represent the interests of the injured worker. I served the State of Arkansas as a Commissioner for 12 years. That appointment stemmed from my work protecting the rights of everyday people.  While working in the airline industry, I became a shop steward for the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW), Razorback Local 2907. At 29, I was elected as the youngest president of this labor union, which represented more than 1,000 members at three different airlines. I am now a part-time, second-year law student at the UA Little Rock William H. Bowen School of Law. I plan to expand my work in labor and employment law after graduation. I am a former 2018 candidate for House District 36, Chairman of the Board at BCD, Inc, and Chairman of the Little Rock Community Housing Advisory Board.  My commitment to public service and the success of the Democratic Party’s progressive values is as strong as ever. I am asking for your vote so I can continue to support the work of the DPA as we do the work together to build a strong Democratic Party in Arkansas.

Christopher Michael Jones

I was born and raised in Pine Bluff but spent considerable time in Hughes and Stephens. For those reasons, I love Arkansas. I have been blessed to work for the Democratic Party in multiple states, including Arkansas and have greatly benefited from the people of the party. For those reasons, I love the values of the Democratic Party. I am excited about continuing to serve our state and our party and would be honored and humbled to serve in this role. 

Christian Juarez

I am a former State Committee Member from the Democratic Party of White County from its rebirth in 2016. I helped to create the county party bylaws and strategies for engaging the community. I have been an active member of the Executive Committee for 2 years now and during my time serving I have fought for transparency, fairness, and any way possible to improve the State Party so it represents the will of its members. My beliefs have not always made me be on the winning side of many votes but I believe through my engagement I have created an environment where many voices in the democratic party are represented in Executive Committee meetings. I stand up for what I believe in and have the desire to fight for the values I have upheld for another term if you will give me that honor.  

Dustin Michael Parsons

We are at a time in our Party when we must unite, stand up, and speak up!  It is vital that we come together for the betterment of ALL!  I am a Democrat because I believe in giving to, and helping, others.  Because I want to give back to the Democratic Party of Arkansas, I am running to be a member of the DPA Executive Committee. 

I am the son, grandson, and great-grandson of blue-collar workers!  My family homesteaded my family cattle farm and seven generations have lived on this land.   I am a proud graduate of PUBLIC schools.  I received my high school diploma from Bauxite High School, B.S. and two M.S.E. degrees from Arkansas Tech University.  I am a eighth grade teacher in the Bauxite School District and active member of the Arkansas and National Education Associations.

When I am not teaching, I work as Chairman of the Democratic Party of Saline County, farmer, community volunteer, and advocate for all.  I was grateful to represent the Second Congressional District as a delegate to the 2016 & 2020 National Democratic Convention. In 2016, I was given the opportunity to speak on stage for Secretary Clinton.  I also served as a Labor Caucus delegate during the 2016 and 2020 convention.

Growing up on my family farm, the son of a politician, I learned the importance of giving back.  My father, former Saline County Judge Terry Parsons, taught my brother and me to take our place in society but not take our place for granted; that power is not within the position but within the service.  He taught us to always serve others with a servant’s heart.

Because I am a servant leader, I feel I can represent Arkansas Democrats and make our voices heard.  I have worked hard in our party from the ground up and hope I have proven my commitment and dedication.  I am running to be a delegate for Arkansas because I have worked at the local level first.  As Tip O’Neil said, “”All politics is local!””

I promise, if elected, to be your voice at the State Level and represent Congressional District 2 with honor and pride.  I would appreciate your vote as I seek to represent District 2 on the Executive Committee.

Evan Robert Tanner

Evan has a 15 year track record of success in political and issue campaigns in 13 states across the country and he’s advanced and built large-scale earned media events in more than 35 states. His work encompasses four presidential campaigns and multiple gubernatorial, U.S. Senate, and Congressional campaigns, including the successful 2006 campaign of Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe.

Most recently, Tanner served as State Director for Michael Bloomberg’s presidential campaign in Arkansas, running the Super Tuesday efforts resulting in the top performing state for the campaign. Prior to his work for Bloomberg, Evan was the National Advance Lead for Beto O’Rourke’s presidential campaign and consulted the Bernie Sanders campaign on rally events in California and Nevada. Tanner was also tapped as Arkansas State Director for Hillary Clinton’s successful primary efforts in 2016. 

Over the course of his career, Evan has been instrumental in passing local and statewide ballot initiatives across Arkansas. He has managed large-scale paid and earned media campaigns, direct mail programs and conducted direct voter contact efforts in Massachusetts, Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, Alaska, Nevada, Texas, Iowa, New Hampshire, Illinois, Oregon, California, and Arkansas. 

Tanner previously worked with The Markham Group, where he developed earned media plans and direct mail programs and produced events across the country for a range of clients, including Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign and U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR) first campaign. In 2007, Evan helped lead the Nevada Democratic Party’s transition from a primary state to an early caucus state. 

Evan also previously worked with Chao Strategy, Message & Media where he wrote and produced Pollie award-winning television and radio ads for U.S. Rep. Terri Sewell’s successful congressional campaign in Birmingham, Alabama in (need year here). Tanner also worked for the 2010 re-election campaign of the U.S. Senator and Chairwoman of the U.S. Agriculture Committee, Blanche Lincoln, where he managed the southern Arkansas rural direct voter contact program and exceeded DPI (Democratic Performance Index) by 4%. 

In 2012 Tanner served as State Director in Arkansas for the Democratic Leadership Campaign Committee (DLCC) House and Senate Majority Protection Program, where his efforts helped lead to victory in eight races decided by fewer than two percentage points. Evan then served (need year here) as the Caucus Director for the Arkansas Democratic House Caucus, helping build a bipartisan coalition to expand Medicaid in the state. As a result, an additional 10% of the state’s population gained access to healthcare. 

In 2012, Mr. Tanner was appointed by Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe to the Arkansas Scenic Highways and Resources Preservation Coordination Committee, a function of the Arkansas Department of Transportation organized to establish scenic byways across the state and continues to serve the community as a volunteer in the non-profit community. 

Evan is based in Arkansas and splits his time between offices in Little Rock and Fayetteville.

3rd Congressional District

Female Filers

Suzie Bell

My name is Suzie Bell and I am running for the Third Congressional District Executive Committee. I have served on the state committee and represented Arkansas as a Biden delegate. I recently ran for State Representative in District 97. This experience has shown me the need for clear purpose and messaging by Democratic candidates running in a deeply red state. I believe we can do better but this has to come from the top down with strong support and consistent clear definitions of who we are as Democrats and what we stand for, not just what we oppose. I want to be part of this conversation and change. I want to help turn Arkansas into a relevant state nationwide. As a community activist I am the founder of a free healthcare clinic and low income housing project. I know how to get things done. My Hispanic roots help me connect with different cultures. I would be honored to serve on the Executive committee.

Christine Erwin-Jimenez

For the past two years I have served as a State Committee delegate and as the Candidate and Elections Chair for the Democratic Party of Benton County. I actively supported Democrats who ran for JP, State Representative and State Senate seats in both the 2018 and 2020 election cycles. <You may have seen my vast campaign t-shirt collection on Facebook!>  My friends and I helped to establish the Progressive Pints Facebook group in the county, which we’ve used as a tool to promote progressive community building and activism.

I am requesting your vote for a second term to represent the third Congressional District on the Executive Committee. It is my hope that by returning with two years of prior knowledge, I can even better serve our district.

Erika Morales

My name is Erika Morales & I am running for the 3rd Congressional District Executive Committee to lend a forward leaning & progressive voice to our Democrat party platform. While I am a newer State Committee Member, I can clearly see that gaps in equality, access and opportunity are indeed a local issue that I feel need more attention and action at the state level. The pandemic & election cycles this year have proven that there is a radicalized view of Democrats that I hope to disprove as a member of the Executive Committee. As an Arkansas Democrat, advocating for equality for all is not radical, it’s simply advocating for human dignity as a right. Listening to under represented Arkansans, hearing their needs and putting in the time and effort to make sure they are heard at a State Level is my commitment when you cast a vote for me. I am willing to learn and put in the work and serve our 3rd Congressional District for 2021-2022 with the goal of bringing more diverse voices and participation to our Arkansas Democratic Party. Only then can we expand our electorate, increase participation and create the change we need to win in 2022. Thank you for your consideration! ”

Gracie Ziegler

I understand and appreciate that turning Arkansas BLUE (or even a purple shade) is a “”long game”” and will continue to need support, funding, and people – at the base of that is a strong vision, a mindful strategy, and tactics that inspire participation. Because the vision of a blue state is truly powerful, I want to be a part of that strategy development and tactical implementation for as long as it takes. That’s why I’m running to be one of the four people on the State Executive Committee who represent the Third Congressional District. 

I have lived in Arkansas almost all of my life. I currently reside in Fayetteville with my husband, Mike, and our dog, Otter. Like many of you, I’ve spent these “unprecedented” times at home – I’ve been watching (from more than six feet away) what is happening all around us, and I have been reading and researching what it will take to impact sweeping change both throughout the South and also right here at home, on a hyper-local level. The pandemic has shown us that we can be nimble and agile even through fast change and unknown outcomes, kind of like being a Democrat in Arkansas.

For the last three years, I have served as President of the Washington County Democratic Women. We have increased our active membership by over 60%, improved our member engagement and participation, as well as strengthened our ability to support candidates, and educate the community. I was recently elected as President of the Arkansas Federation of Democratic Women, and I’m excited to take on the challenge of expanding to more counties, providing access for more women to run for office, and continuing to engage Arkansas in learning about issues that impact everyone. I’m also looking forward to continuing to ensure Democratic Women in Arkansas have a voice in the work being done by the National Federation of Democratic Women. 

I believe access is the key to success in anything we do.

– Access to elected officials is key to understanding how to make change.

– Access to services and utilities, such as broadband internet, is vital to connecting people and ideas.

– Most importantly, access to consistent communication tactics is what keeps everything moving – we need more communication and more access to the tools and people to make it possible.

And, in turn, access for voters is what wins elections – especially in the state with one of the lowest voter turnout rates in 2020 – more access would have gone a long way.

I have energetically championed Democratic candidates running at all levels over the last few cycles. From recruiting and encouraging people to run for office, to volunteering with campaigns and amplifying messages, to providing consulting support – I am ready to continue that work.

Male Filers

Robert Depper

I’m a practicing attorney, I’ve run for office, and I’ve got a family.  I’ve been a registered Democrat for 20 years.  Our country is changing, and I want to help the Democratic Party, particularly the Arkansas Democratic Party, meet the challenges those changes bring.  

Douglas Hausler

Currently Chair of Democratic Party of Carroll County (DPCC) and have previously held position of Secretary for DPCC .  Would like to see more active involvement at the State Party Level by those at the County Party Level.  Communication with County Parties and State Committee Representatives should be strengthened.  State Committee Representatives should be encouraged to actively participate as a legislative body.  

4th Congressional District

Female Filers

Anne Bean

My name is Anne Bean, and I am an educator who sees the value of consistency and transparency. I wholeheartedly espouse the Democratic party’s platform and values, and I have campaigned energetically for Democratic candidates. I am very active in the Logan County Democratic Committee. I would appreciate your vote to appoint me to the Arkansas Democratic Party Executive Committee.

Connie Castleberry

I have been proud to represent and serve the 4th District the past two years and I desire to continue on the Executive Committee.  I have faithfully attended all but one meeting in person or virtually.  

We must make some serious decisions concerning the future of our state party in the coming months.  Our state is facing life-changing challenges in health, economic and educational issues among others.  It is tantamount that we prepare to embrace our party platform and put upon a positive face before the voting populace.  We are a diverse state and I wholeheartedly believe our party can best serve those who have been overlooked by the current state administration. That means we have to continue to recruit candidates.

Many of us, myself included, have been touched by the current pandemic.  I send my positivity and prayers to my fellow Democrats and hope you continue to stay safe.

Cheryl Felder-Stuart

I am a loyal and dedicated Democrat. For the past thirty (30) or so years I have worked  for the party serving as a Country committee member and officer, representing  our county at the State meetings,  Having served on the State Committee and The Executive committee,  During this time I served you to the best of my abilities , and only missing one meeting. I am seeking to be elected to the Executive Committee to better serve AR Democrats and to work and turn AR BLUE.

Brittaney Stockton

My name is Brittaney Stockton and I am asking for you to support me in my efforts to represent you on the Executive Committee. I am proud to have served and gotten to know you all since I was elected to the Executive Committee in 2018. In addition to serving on the Executive Committee, I have been on the State Committee since 2017. I have enjoyed working and collaborating with many of you in these roles and I look forward to continuing our work.  I am originally from Central Arkansas. I grew up in Conway and lived in Little Rock for a couple of years, before moving with my partner and daughter to Paris, Arkansas in 2016. I was raised by a single mother who raised me and my 3 brothers. We survived on safety-net programs that provided us with healthcare, food, and housing.  I became a teen mom myself at the age of 19. I went on to become a first generation college graduate. I know what it is like to struggle and I have had to work diligently to overcome many obstacles in my life. I am committed to this fight because I believe that nobody, regardless of where they come from, should have to experience the things that my family and I have experienced. I am a grassroots organizer, who has worked for almost a decade to advance progress for Reproductive Justice in the state. In addition to grassroots organizing, I have worked on several campaigns to help elect Democrats. The campaigns I gained experience from include, the 2014 Coordinated Campaign (which supported Senator Mark Pryor, Congressman Mike Ross, and others running statewide that year), Jared Henderson for Governor, and Celeste Williams for Congress. These experiences have allowed me to travel the state and meet folks from various backgrounds. For the most part, Arkansans want the same things. Safe, healthy, and thriving communities. I have gained a unique perspective and insight into the inner-workings of campaigns and organizing statewide. I believe with the right strategy, there is a clear path forward for Democrats in Arkansas. None of this will be easy. It is going to take time, energy, resources, and a lot of people willing to do the hard work to get us where we need to be to make a real difference. I believe it is possible and I am ready to continue this work as your Executive Committee representative. Please let me know if you have any questions for me. Thank you for your consideration and I wish you and your families the best, as we are all navigating a truly difficult year. May peace, love, and health be with you. 

Male Filers

Ethan Dunbar

My name is Ethan N. Dunbar.  I am the County Chairman of the Democratic Party of Lafayette County and the current mayor of Lewisville, Arkansas.  I am a 34 year retired Army veteran.  I returned home after serving to help improve my community and better the quality of life for the residents here.  I have been working diligently since returning home to educate and empower residents, most importantly our youth. I feel that I can bring issues of importance (justice, equality, voting, inclusion, etc.) to the DPA Executive Committee as well as take information back and implement in Lafayette County.  I would be honored to serve our community and state in this important position.

Michael McCray

I am a grassroots advocate and life-long Democrat. I believe that organizing is the key to any successful campaign and that “Party Building” is essential to organizing any successful political organization. I worked for a White House Initiative during the Clinton Administration and have continued to work with the National and State Democratic Party over the years. I have served on the state committee and executive committee in Arkansas, and I believe that my record demonstrates my commitment to our democratic party, values and ideals. I look forward to the opportunity to continue the good work we have begun, and I am committed to staying the course through the hard work that lays ahead. I would appreciate your vote for Executive Committee member.

Andrew Pritt

I was very active traveling with President Elect Joe Biden. I’ve been active in the party electing Democrats since 1988. I’m loyal to the party and want to see more Democrats elected in Arkansas.

Tommy Roebuck

I am a proud Democrat who has been very active in my county committee work and also in the work of the DPA.  I have served as Chair of our County Committee and also as Chair of our Clark County Clinton Day Dinner fundraiser.  I have attended meetings and other DPA events with almost a perfect attendance records.  I am an active campaigner and contributor for all Democratic candidates in our area, as well as state wide, congressional and presidential races.  I have represented  the Democrats in the fourth congressional and would like to continue in that role. I sincerely ask for your vote and support.