The Democratic Party of Arkansas is so grateful for the Arkansas Democrats that have stepped up to be a part of our Finance Council.

If you’re interested in joining our Finance Council, please email

If any of this information is incorrect or missing, please contact the DPA. Please note that this list is updated quarterly. This list was last updated on 6/1/22.

Bettina Brownstein

Bev Lindsey

Blanche Lincoln

Bob Edwards

Bob Nash

Brandon Weeks

Brenda Gullett

Carpenters’ Legislative Improvement Cmte

Carroll County Democratic Central Committee

Clarence Patton

Clark Co. Dem. Cmte

Clarke Tucker

Collette Honorable

Craighead Co. Dem. Cmte

Dean (Alan) Flanagan

Desha Co. Dem. Cmte

Dustin McDaniel

Ed Moody

Eric McDaniel

Harriett Phillips

James Chambers

Jamie Scott

Jason Willett

Chuck Cliett

Jefferson Co. Dem. Cmte

Jesse Gibson

Jimmy Wallace

Joyce Elliott

Karen Garcia

Lafayette Co. Dem. Cmte

Leslie Olesner

Lib Carlisle

Lottie Shackleford

Mark Pryor

Mark Stodola

Marshall Wright

Mary Anne Salmon

Megan Godfrey

Mike Ross

Reed Brewer

Rodney Slater

Sheila and Gene Castin

Steve Harrelson

Tippi McCullough

Tyson Foods, Inc.

Vaughn McQuary

Will Bond