French Hill Caught Using Tax Dollars For ‘Campaign Mail’

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports that French Hill is spending big on campaign mail this election — and he’s spending your tax dollars to do it.

A Congressperson can send out mail to constituents to keep them informed, but French Hill’s glossy mailers and photo shoots are coming in at a rate and style that more closely resemble 2020 campaigning than constituent services. Hill has had a whopping 28 mailings signed-off on by a Congressional panel…compared to just four from Rep. Bruce Westerman and one from U.S. Rep. Steve Womack.

French Hill has a mail problem, and he’s using your tax dollars to carry it out.

What makes it even more embarrassing and hypocritical for French, is that it comes at the same time he’s working to help President Trump disable the Post Office’s ability to count Absentee ballots. That’s undermining your right to vote, and even the Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson’s plan to let Arkansans use Absentee ballot during COVID-19.

French Hill sees the Post Office as his personal campaign tool — whether it be for stopping ballots from coming in, or sending his campaign propaganda out on the taxpayers’ dime.


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