General Wesley Clark: Our Democracy Is At Stake

General Wesley Clark, the former Supreme Commander of NATO and a Little Rock native, has published an op-ed ahead of Election Day warning that “our choices may define a historic breaking point in American democracy.”

General Clark outlines the dangers to our very democracy posed by Donald Trump.

“President Trump is an absolute threat to our democracy. His CEO-style dominance, his refusal to respect laws and precedent, his passion for revenge, manipulation, and outright dishonesty, make him a danger to the very Constitution that we Americans have fought and died for. He has maintained his overseas business dealings, taking money from foreign powers in ways that conflict with his duties as President; he has used government activities to direct business to his private real estate holdings; he has bent the Attorney General to becoming his personal lawyer to defend his personal misdeeds, he has used his power to pardon for his personal protection; and loaded his Administration with officeholders who took advantage of their positions for personal gain. It is difficult to find in American history a more corrupt Administration. And now he repeatedly refuses to say that he will respect the outcome of the election.”
General Clark made the case to vote for Joe Biden.
“A vote for Joe Biden is a vote to preserve and protect our democracy, a vote for good government, and a vote to return to an America which represents all that is right and good for mankind. Please make the decision to keep our country safe for our children and grandchildren. Vote for Joe.”