GOP’s Rapert Scared Of Muslims, Says They Shouldn’t Vote Or Hold Office

Arkansas State Senator Jason Rapert is putting his foot in his mouth again…

The Arkansas Faith Caucus of the Democratic Party of Arkansas today responded to social media posts by state Senator Jason Rapert (R-Bigelow) saying that Muslims should not be serving in elected office and do not deserve to be represented.



(NOTE: After the publication of this statement, Senator Rapert deleted his post. See the post below via a screenshot.)


Chair of the Arkansas Faith Caucus, Rev. Stephen Copley responded…
“Our nation was formed with the wisdom that our Creator has endowed all people with certain inalienable rights,” said Rev. Stephen Copley. “When Arkansans and Americans are attacked for their religious beliefs our moral compass compels us to speak up. It is especially disheartening when those who attack religious freedom are the very people who profess its importance and are elected to protect it. The Faith Caucus and the Democratic Party stand with Arkansas’s religious communities, especially those who are routinely targeted. All people have the right to Democracy and to their faith.”
Rev. Copley is an ordained member of the United Methodist Church and serves as Chair of the Arkansas Faith Caucus. The caucus represents and advocates for the rights of all peoples to observe and practice the beliefs and religion of their choice. It is focused on solving the moral crises of our time, such as child poverty and hunger.