Time To Celebrate! In-State Tuition & Nursing Licences Signed Into Law

Arkansas has taken a historic step to grant in-state tuition and nursing licenses to DACA recipients. Arkansas Democrats, led by freshman state Representative Megan Godfrey of Springdale, championed bi-partisan legislation along with countless advocacy and immigrant groups. And now, after all the hard work, two critical bills have been signed into law.

These bills are about allowing hardworking people to live up to their God-given potential and developing a strong workforce in Arkansas. Their enactment into law is a major step toward a brighter future for Arkansas, and thousands of young people across this state.

Godfrey was a leader on the in-state tuition bill, along with Republican Dan Douglas. She was the author of the bill to allow DACA recipients to get nursing licences. Both bills passed with wide support in the Arkansas Legislature and were cheered on by grassroots groups along the way.

These legislative victories show that Springdale elected one of the most capable, pragmatic, and respected legislators in Arkansas. Her success at the state Capitol reflects the values of her campaign.

Godfrey connected with voters across the board, by focusing on smart, compassionate policies. She didn’t engage in partisanship or divisive rhetoric. It paid off, Godfrey flipped a Republican-held district and went on to pass one of the most significant bills in the Arkansas Legislature.

Arkansas has a lot to be proud of, and genuine political moment to celebrate.